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News 2016

Celebration at the Centre for eResearch

100 million core hours of computing delivered by the NeSI Pan cluster

The New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI)  Pan Cluster has delivered 100 million core hours of computing to the research community.  There was a small gathering at the Centre for eResearch on Friday 6th May including researchers, IT professional and administrative support staff that helped make this landmark possible.  With the anticipated procurement and capacity growth in 2017, our next ambition is to reach 1 billion core hours.

To put that in to perspective, if we went back to the beginning of the Neolithic period, in to a freshly founded Jericho, just as pottery and agriculture became more widespread, and would have started a single core equipped computer then and left it running through the ages, and if fully utilised, it would just have achieved the same amount of 'compute' by today as the cluster has in these last four years.


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Python workshop

Winter Bootcamp

Winter Bootcamp is a week long free training and education event where you can up-skill in a whole host of topics related to digital research practice.

Workshops and seminars range from two-day intensive and hands-on Software Carpentry programmes through to short informational or networking sessions. There are also a number of specialist workshops on high performance computing and bioinformatics.

Head over to winterbootcamp2016 to see what's on the menu and register for sessions. Places are limited so don't delay.

Workshop hosts include the Centre for eResearch, Libraries and Learning Services, New Zealand eScience Infrastructure, the Bioinformatics Institute, New Zealand Genomics Ltd., the Centre for Computational Evolution, and Biomatters.



ResBaz workshop

Research Bazaar (ResBaz) 

The Centre for eResearch hosted the Research Bazaar (ResBaz) on 02 -04 February 2016 at the Owen G Glenn Buildingis at Grafton Road.  The ResBaz a a free-of-charge,  3-day intensive conference where researchers come together to up-skill in ‘next generation digital research tools and skills’. In the spirit of a marketplace or bazaar, ResBaz is a highly participatory event where researchers from many different disciplines can learn, share knowledge and skills and have fun.   



Centre for eResearch is now part of the AeRO member

The Australasian eResearch Organisations (AeRO) continues to build its membership base, and is delighted to welcome the latest associate member, the University of Auckland’s Centre for eResearch. This is made additionally special by being AeRO’s first member from New Zealand, and AeRO’s first institutional eResearch group member.

Prof. Mark Gahegan, Director of the Centre for eResearch, University of Auckland, said “Through our membership of AeRO we are really looking forward to gaining and sharing a deeper understanding of the Australasian eResearch ecosystem, exploring ways in which we can collaborate and coordinate more effectively across the Tasman, and taking advantage of AeRO offerings to develop our workforce and our services”.

The Centre was established in 2009, to provide researchers with high-performance and cloud-computing, visualisation, data analysis and publishing services, and hosts the Auckland site of the New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI).

The AeRO CEO, Dr Markus Buchhorn, said “The University of Auckland’s Centre for eResearch recognises the benefit of joining with other eResearch organisations across Australasia as part of AeRO, to network with their peers, to help develop a more internationally coordinated and integrated portfolio of services for their researchers, and to collaborate with the sector to strengthen their capabilities and grow their capacity”.

AeRO looks forward to a long and collaborative relationship with the University of Auckland’s Centre for eResearch, and are pleased to have them on board on our exciting journey to support eResearch organisation throughout the Australasian region.