Centre for eResearch

Research services

There is a growing need among researchers at the University of Auckland for tools and services to enable computationally-intensive research.

To meet the demand for tools and services, the Centre has applied for and received funding to undertake a number of projects. These projects will extend the Research VM services offered; expand the range of visualisation services available; explore options for research data management support, and implement a research IT Advisory service and an associated catalogue identifying what tools and service are available to researchers. The Centre also works with researchers and postgraduates to provide research IT training and education programmes. These support services and facilities enable researchers to perform their tasks more creatively, efficiently and collaboratively across long distances; and to disseminate their research outcomes with greater effect.

The Centre provides research IT resources to a large and varied number of researchers and groups. All members of the University community are responsible for using these resources effectively, efficiently and in an ethical manner. IT resources must not be used in any way that interferes with the reasonable use of those resources by other IT users, impacts adversely on the University‚Äôs reputation or hinders the University in meeting its legal obligations.

Members of the University community must at all times comply with relevant laws, University statutes, policies and standards. IT users who deal with sensitive data must take particular care to ensure that they comply with all laws and University policies and practices relating to the privacy and security of data. 

If researchers and authors of publications wish to acknowledge the Centre's contribution to their research, please feel free to address as follows:

"The author(s) wish(es) to acknowledge the Centre for eResearch at the University of Auckland for their help in facilitating this research."