Centre for eResearch

NeCTAR cloud computing

The goal of the NeCTAR project at the UoA is to provide a flexible infrastructure for supporting an exclusively research-focussed cloud that aligns with international trends in Open Science / Open Research.

Nectar cell

This proposal is to create a small initial NeCTAR presence at Auckland via an extension into New Zealand of the NeCTAR infrastructure. We will directly leverage the excellent support and development work already undertaken, reducing risk and support burden locally. Hardware hosting and monitoring support will be provided by ITS. We have negotiated this opportunity with the NeCTAR leadership team in Melbourne and have their support for joining this active community.

NeCTAR is not the only solution for all research support needs. Long-running, web-facing services and applications will continue to be supported in the existing VMWare infrastructure, where they go through a more formal design process. Researchers requiring intensive high performance computing (HPC), that can run in a batch mode would still be best supported through NeSI HPC services. 

For more details please contact nectar@auckland.ac.nz.