Centre for eResearch

Our people

View a list of the Centre for eResearch’s managers, researchers, support and administrative staff.

Centre Management team

The Centre Management team supports the Director with strategic planning, finance management and resource management. The team also administers the Centre operational management, coordinates with other University functions, leads Centre project management and accounts for the Centre KPI and stakeholder reporting.




Professor Mark Gahegan Director, Centre for eResearch 
Marcus Gustafsson Manager, Operation
Jenny Lee Roper  Manager, Administration 

Computational and technical staff

The centre’s computational and technical staff are dedicated to provide efficient and effective management of services and information resources for the NeSI initiative and for e-research communities as a whole. These members provide vital support for the organisation’s research goals and day-to-day activities.



Anita Kean Application Support Analyst, NeSI
Anthony Shaw Application Support Analyst, NeSI
Arron Mclaughlin eResearch Support, Special Projects, CeR
Bianca Haux eResearch Support, Visualisation and Analytics, CeR
Dr. Cameron McLean Research IT Specialist, Team Lead - Research and Education, CeR
Dr. Chris Scott Scientific Programmer, NeSI
Dr. Dharani Sontam Research IT Specialist, Research Data, CeR
Dr. Doris Jung Research IT Specialist, UX Experience, CeR
Greg Hall Systems Engineer, NeSI
Dr. Jason He Research IT Specialist, Research Computing, CeR
Dr. John Rugis Research IT Specialist, Visualisation and Analytics, CeR
Kumaresh Rajalingam Analyst Programmer, NeSI
Manish Kukreja Research IT Specialist, Research Computing, CeR
Martin Feller Research IT Specialist, Team Lead - Research Computing, CeR
Nick Young Research IT Specialist, Team Lead - Visualisation and Analytics, CeR
Peter Maxwell Application Support Specialist, NeSI
Prashant Gupta Research IT Specialist, Research Data and Systems, CeR
Robert Burrowes Technical Lead, Research Data and Systems, CeR
Sean Matheny  Research IT Specialist, Research Computing, CeR
Shen Wang Analyst Programmer, NeSI
Sina Masoud-Ansari Research IT Specialist, Deep Learning, CeR
Thomas Berger Product Manager, NeSI
Warrick Corge-Tan eResearch Support, CeR
Yuriy Halytskyy Systems Engineer, NeSI
Yvette Wharton Research IT Specialist, Team Lead - Research Data, CeR

Postgraduates and research fellows

The Centre hosts several PhD candidates from the Department of Computer Science. Our postgraduates are active members of the Knowledge Computation Group led by Professor Mark Gahegan, the Director of the Centre. 

The Knowledge Computation Group is interested in semantics; i.e., meaning (as opposed to raw data or information). Collectively, our main goal is to find ways to encode semantics into the raw information, so that we, as humans, can read, synthesise and categorise them with ease all the time.



Research topic

Arvay Adam                        Building dynamic systems models that human domain experts can easily understand.
Euan Forsyth Geographic Information Science.


Professor Paul Bonnington Inaugural Director eResearch                                                          
Nick Jones Co-Director, CeR
Dr. Bart Verleye eResearch Support, Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Benjamin Adams Research Fellow, CS
Dr. Benjamin Roberts Application Support Specialist, NeSI
Brandon Whitehead
PhD Candidate
Dr. Brian Corrie Solution Manager, NeSI
Daniela Dunn Tuakiri Representative, NeSI
Grand Wooding Technical Writer, NeSI
Gene Soudlenkov Systems and Application Support, NeSI
Dr. Jaison Mulerikkal HPC Application Scientist, NeSI
Dr. Jamie Diprose Research IT Specialist, CeR
Dr. Jianning Tang eResearch Support, NeSI
Dr. John Spires eResearch Support, CeR
Jordi Blasco HPC Architect, NeSI
Dr. Matthew Moore
Research IT Specialist, CeR
Markus Binsteiner Software Developer, CeR
Richard Hosking Research IT Specialist and PhD Candidate