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Research digital skills training 2021

Team Culture

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Our team of highly qualified research and technical staff is at the heart of a fast-paced, ever changing environment that comprises academic research and digital skills. We pride ourselves in being helpful and offering the best advice we can. We are not your standard enterprise IT support, as we often hail from a research background and have a more eclectic mix of computational skills and research IT interests. With this unique position we occupy within the University – we connect, engage and are versatile to support multidisciplinary research.

The value of our work lies in the diversity of our digital skills; and a collaborative and agile approach as required. The team embraces the term “research-oriented” in that we do not see research support as merely a “request”, but as adding value for impactful research work, ultimately leading to successful research outcomes. 

We often take on challenges to pioneer new technological tools and sophisticated solutions, allowing for the development and realisation of exceptional ideas and aspirations. Each member of our team contributes to cement the connection between academic research and digital skills, enabling researchers to leverage computational advances in pursuit of their own research questions.

The connectivity and engagement within the team, and across the faculties, noticeably facilitate high quality workflow and services, and are the foundations to strive for seamless deliveries in line with the University Research and IT Strategies.