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Research digital skills training 2021

Our Services

The Centre for eResearch is centrally funded by the University to deliver the following Services to help researchers address challenging computational problems. These services are generally free to use for  research staff and research students, but they are not infinite.  Large requests in terms of time or resources may require additional funding.

Research Computing

  • High performance computing
  • Virtual machines for research
  • Nectar research cloud
  • Other cloud computing

Research Data Solutions

  • Data management training
  • Data sharing & collaboration
  • Instrument data management
  • Data publishing & discovery

Visualisation & Analytics

  • Visualisation and data analytics
  • AI/Deep learning expertise
  • VR/AR equipment


Digital Research Skills

  • Research data management
  • Software Carpentry
  • Data Carpentry
  • Nectar Research Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to virtual machines
  • Research Bazaar (ResBaz)
  • Hacky Hour weekly community activities and online channel

Special Projects - Research

We also work with researchers to develop research tools that require significant development or customisation. These usually require funding to recover our costs.

Find a CeR Service

Use the Research Services Roadmap to quickly locate useful relevant services depending on where you are in the research lifecycle.


Use the ResearchHub to quickly connect with people, resources, and services from across the University to enhance and accelerate your research.

 Research Showcase

Hosting visualisation and analytics tools for COVID-19 studies

The Centre for eResearch is actively supporting several COVID-19 related projects at the University and on the national level during 2020 pandemic.

Coastal image classification and analysis based on convolutional neural betworks and pattern recognition

Using deep learning technologies to realize the classification of coastal images, and the pattern recognition methods are conducted to analyse the evolution process and transition rules of the beach.

Antibiotic resistance and the “end of modern medicine ”

Antibiotic resistance and the “end of modern medicine ” In 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that within ten years, resistance would make routine surgery, organ transplantation, and cancer treatment life-threateningly risky.

Develop short-term eruption warning systems for Whakaari and other volcanoes

On 9th December 2019, at 2pm, Whakaari volcano erupted unexpectedly, killing 21 tourists and guides on the island.

News and Events

A collaboration between Air New Zealand and NASA has finally taken flight

The Rongowai mission is a partnership between Air NZ and NZ & US universities. The aim of the mission is to monitor the environmental signs of climate change.


2022 Outcomes

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