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Research digital skills training 2021

Digital Skills Workshops

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The Centre for eResearch offers a range of workshops and one-on-one introductions covering various specialised topics. Some of them are held on a regular basis, others on request. Our main outlets for these learning opportunities are our annual Winter Bootcamp and Research Bazaar. For details browse the overview below or contact us directly.

For more general IT skills topics, the University provides many courses to help researchers learn to use office productivity tools (e.g. Microsoft Office suite, SPSS or Adobe suite).

Software Carpentry

Software Carpentry is a workshop series designed by the Software Carpentry Foundation who offers several levels of institutional engagement; individuals can participate become instructors.  The Centre has several trained instructors who are qualified to teach the programme. The workshops include topics such as these:

  • the Unix Shell and Bash
  • version control with Git
  • using databases and SQL
  • programming with Python
  • programming with R

Data Carpentry

Data Carpentry is a universal initiative to build teaching communities for data literacy for research. At the Centre for eResearch, we regularly run these data-focussed workshops to extend the digital literacy of our research community.

Research Data Management workshops

In collaboration with the library, our Centre provides regularly scheduled training sessions to researchers and doctoral students around research data management. This includes the following aspects:

  • development of strategies for capturing and organising research data
  • exploration of options around publishing
  • sharing and reuse of data
  • drafting a research data management plan

Book a workshop or contact us for further details.

Introduction to Virtual Machines

Learn to offload long-running simulations to a different computer, and how to request access and work with a virtual machine.  The Centre for eResearch can help you with computationally intensive research. For further information contact the Research VM team.


Introduction to High Performance Computing

Our adjoint New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI) provides High Performance Computing. They regularly run this introductory workshop that focusses on how to use the Linux command-line and Slurm with an emphasis on cluster-specific commands, including example scripts. For further details and registration please email NeSI.

Research Bazaar

Research Bazaar is a short intensive festival for researchers to come together in order to up-skill in next generation digital research tools and scholarship.

Winter Bootcamp

Winter Bootcamp is a week-long training and education event coordinated by our Center for up-skilling in a whole host of topics related to digital research practice. See a previous programme for the type of courses that might be offered.