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Research digital skills training 2021


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The Centre’s core mission is: (i) to grow strategic research infrastructure and resources, (ii) to create effective and efficient computing services and workflows to support research and (iii) to provide consultancy and help researchers who need to use advanced computing tools in their research.  We are also committed to providing training opportunities that help researchers learn new computing skills, and community outreach to create a vibrant and supportive culture of digitally-empowered scholarship.

Core values

  • Computing power is easily accessible to researchers, in the right form for them to use.
  • Research data is a valuable, long-term asset that requires carefully managing to leverage its value.
  • Researchers require new technology skills and competencies to embrace fully the digital transformation occurring in research.
  • Advanced computational methods provide a research advantage so it is important that the University is ready to adopt emerging tools and methods that improve research effectiveness.
  • Good research support services are easy to find, to request, and to use.

Our commitment to the IT Strategic Plan

  • Keep up with demand for our core services by adding to our resource pools (virtual machines, storage, visualisation equipment
  • Replace old hardware that is out of maintenance / not power efficient.
  • Increase GPU/deep learning service to meet growing demand.
  • Expand visualisation services.
  • Extend Dropbox Pilot or move to production.
  • Develop data transfer nodes and research DMZ (demilitarized zone).


Aspirations / Business Outcomes

  • Provide a comprehensive set of research computing platforms.
  • Offer researchers timely and relevant IT advice and support.
  • Enable researchers to communicate, collaborate and share information.
  • Create a culture of skills development and peer support among researchers.
  • Provide an information visualisation and analytics service.
  • Develop a deep learning/GPU/AI service.
  • Expansion of the ResearchHub.