Centre for eResearch

Large scale visualisation facilities

The Centre provides researchers with access to a large visualisation data facility. This facility was upgraded to six large 4K resolution displays powered by a fast compute node with three high end graphics cards in 2015. With few more investments made in equipment and hardware during 2016, the dedicated facility is now located at the new Science Building 302, Level 5. The service is already helping to increase the University research visibility.

3D reconstruction of Tapueaeroa River.  Dr Jon Tunnifcliffe, School of Environment

The synchronised displays allow researchers to investigate high resolution visual data using Windows compatible software. The 128 GB memory machine provides researchers with the capacity to render large data sets that are unsuitable for standard desktop or research lab computers. It is a powerful tool that helps researchers to understand, effectively capture and act on complex problems especially when dealing with huge volume of information. The set of visualisation platforms appropriate to specific tasks include:

  •  a 3x2 4K massive, tiled-wall display, 
  •  a zSpace (Stereoscopic 3D monitor with head tracking), 
  •  3 x Microsoft Hololenses (AR),
  •  2 HTC Vives (VR), and
  •  an  86" 3D immersive capability with portable setup(s) for use in displays, open-days and classrooms.

All services to be centrally run and supported from within the Centre for eResearch, and bookable by researchers. Researchers can get help in creating visualisations, selecting appropriate visualisation tools and running visualisation sessions. Depending on the amount of support required by the staff at the Centre, cost recovery may be requested, but the services are otherwise freely available to any researcher at the University of Auckland. We have already produced several visualisations for researchers from various science domains/datasets, such as the Big Bang, a river near East Cape, a VR molecule viewer, the Canterbury earthquakes and a 3D map showing humpback whale migration.  Additional information can be found Here.

To book the visualisation facility, please contact research-viz@auckland.ac.nz