Centre for eResearch

Research data management

Research data management (RDM) infrastructure is seen as an essential part of research support within the University. RDM infrastructure will assist researchers to store, manage, disseminate, curate, publish, catalogue, and archive data generated by research.

The term research data encompasses the entire gamut of output generated by research at the University of Auckland. It may include anything created, collected, and/or generated in the course of research. RDM services facilitate the discovery, access, and reuse of research data. Proper leverage of RDM supports collaboration and enhances research impact. Additionally, funding bodies are increasingly requiring researchers to explicitly state their RDM approach in the form of data management plans (DMPs). The Centre for eResearch is working with both the Libraries and Learning Services, and IT Services to develop and promote the RDM knowledge and tools necessary to produce rigorous, high-impact research.

Figshare publishing services

The Data Publishing and Discovery Service (pilot figshare for institutions) was launched in January 2015 primarily to support data publishing. Research data descriptions and documentation (or metadata) supports discovery and reuse. All published items are assigned a persistent digital identifier (DOI) through DataCite and indexed by Google. For data that is sensitive, embargoed or otherwise restricted in access (e.g. Copyright) one can make use of metadata only records, private links and/or reserve DOI features. Published items can be embedded in other web pages e.g. CANVAS.

  • Data hosting: All data published to our institutional figshare are stored locally on the University of Auckland storage systems.
  • Eligibility: Doctoral candidates, staff, and external collaborators.
  • Requirements: An "auckland.ac.nz" email address and the University of Auckland username and login.
  • Cost: There is no direct cost to researchers, research groups, or Faculties.
  • Support: General support is provided through the staff at the Centre for eResearch and the Libraries and Learning Services

Research data management training programme

In partnership with Libraries and Learning Services, the Centre for eResearch offers regular workshops aiming at PhD candidates, supervisors, principal investigators, and research staff to support research data management, data management planning and data publishing. For training programme schedule, search Library workshops for ‘rdm’

For more information, including requests for group or department workshops or presentations, technical support or for uploading datasets larger than 100GB, please contact researchdata@auckland.ac.nz.