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Research digital skills training 2021

Get paid for sharing your digital research skills!

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The Centre for eResearch seeks postgraduates to support the development and delivery of digital research skills across any discipline. Casual roles are available now and through to the end of 2021 with variable hours.

We are looking for candidates with a desire to share skills in areas such as (but not limited to) data analysis and visualisation, organising and managing data and information, using AI and deep learning, beginning programming, software design and development, and tools for communicating research. While we welcome skills across any discipline, we are also interested in those working with or alongside geospatial, social media, social sciences, and genomics data, and those involved in Māori and Pacific research.

Successful candidates will be building communities, developing instructional materials, delivering workshops (e.g. Hacky Hour, ResBaz), demonstrating research tools, and writing case studies.

Express interest by emailing: